Aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass and junk mail are common types of household recyclable waste materials.  There are many recycling options available for Kern County residents. Some residents have the opportunity to participate in a curbside recycling programs while others can choose to utilize Buy-back Centers. A detailed list of recycling opportunities can be found in… [ read more » ]

While the reasons are varied, the frustration is the same. Missed pick-ups are frustrating for both the customer and the hauler. If you live in the unincorporated area of Kern County and your trash or recycling was not picked up, contact the private Franchise Trash Hauler contracted to provide this service. Residential and commercial customers,… [ read more » ]

There are a number of different organizations, throughout the County, that collect residential and commercial trash & recyclables. Both municipalities and private businesses complete the list. If you live within a city boundary, please contact your local City office for the name of your Trash Hauler. If you live in any unincorporated area of Kern… [ read more » ]

All residents living within the County of Kern have a variety of choices for trash disposal: The Disposal Sites section provides a complete overview of Landfills, Transfer Stations, and Bins Sites.

If you live in the unincorporated area of Kern County, and you want to rent a trash bin or dumpster, private Trash Haulers are able to provide this service, under a County franchise agreement. Residential and Commercial customers within an incorporated city should contact their City for information on bin or dumpster rentals.

If you live in the unincorporated area of Kern County, contact the private franchise Trash Hauler contracted to provide collection services. Residential and commercial customers residing in an incorporated city should contact their City for information about additional containers. There is an additional monthly fee for additional containers.