The Greater Bakersfield Green Expo of 2014 will be on Saturday April 12, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, at Yokuts Park.  The Expo hosts Recycling and Renewable Energy businesses of Kern County, and showcases the creative talents of local high school students, in the Recycled Material Art Contest! For more information CLICK HERE to visit… [ read more » ]

The Kern County Waste Management Departments sponsors several one-day Residential Hazardous Waste Collection Events, in outlying areas, each year. During these half-day opportunities, residents have the chance to bring left-over residential hazardous waste for safe and easy disposal/recycling. If you have residential hazardous waste, these locations and dates might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to… [ read more » ]

California law states that Electronic Waste (E-Waste) must be recycled. Many consumer electronics contain low levels of hazardous metals that can potentially contaminate soil and water.  To comply with the State mandate and preserve natural resources, the Kern County Waste Managment Department supports Electronic Waste Recycling Collection Events. In addition to dropping off unwanted E-Waste items at… [ read more » ]