Aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass and junk mail are common types of household recyclable waste materials.  There are many recycling options available for Kern County residents. Some residents have the opportunity to participate in a curbside recycling programs while others can choose to utilize Buy-back Centers. A detailed list of recycling opportunities can be found in… [ read more » ]

Kern County operates seven active landfills and nine transfer stations throughout the County. Check out the Disposal Sites area of the website for information on the Disposal Facility nearest you.

Construction or demolition waste is non-hazardous building material or debris such as: asphalt, concrete, brick, drywall, fencing, metal, packing materials, pallets, pipe or wood resulting from construction, remodeling, repair or demolition of a property. The County operates several Disposal Facilities where C&D may be disposed or recycled. Other recycling facilities in Kern County, that accept C&D,… [ read more » ]

Residential Waste is ordinary household trash and yard waste from residential properties. Most residential waste can be disposed of WITHOUT CHARGE at the Disposal Site due to the fact that a Disposal Fee has already been collected through the Land Use Fee on residential property tax bills. Examples of non-chargeable residential waste include: appliances, clothing, furniture, green waste, manure, mattresses… [ read more » ]

Due to permitting requirements, landfill staff is not allowed to keep the gate open beyond the posted landfill hours. Please allow plenty of time to get to the Disposal Facility before it closes. Hours of Operation are found on individual Disposal Site detail pages. Start here to find your Disposal Site.

Dead animals are ACCEPTED at all Landfills. Dead animals are ACCEPTED at the Kern Valley, Lebec, and McFarland-Delano Transfer Stations. Dead animals are NOT ACCEPTED at other Transfer Stations, Bin Sites, Special Waste Facilities. Disposal Criteria: You MUST NOTIFY the Department at (661) 862-8900 or (800) 552-KERN – prior to bringing in large animals such horses or cows AND if you… [ read more » ]

All dirt is not created equal! Believe it or not, there are several kinds of dirt: Clean fill dirt (less than 30% vegetation); Dirty dirt (more than 30% vegetation, rocks, trash etc.); and Contaminated dirt (hazardous con stituents in the dirt). Dirt, of any kind, is not accepted at Bin Sites or Transfer Stations. Dirt… [ read more » ]